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When We Cause Harm: A Framework

when we cause harm Mar 17, 2021

When We Cause Harm: A Framework 

by Ashley Y. Lipscomb 


“I want to know the Love way of rising up, fully alive from the depths within me, letting this new way of life reshape my way of seeing. -Morgan Harper Nichols


We all have been socialized in a world that is not loving at its core. We have ingested the harshness of intersectional oppressive systems that refuse to allow humanity to flourish in all of its goodness. Therefore, harm is inevitable. As we do this unlearning work together, it is important to establish a culture of love, repair, healing, and joy in your classrooms and schools. 


I have been in situations where white persons have tried to apologize for some sort of mistake. They unburdened their guilt, tears, shame on me and asked that I “teach them” about their mistakes with my own trauma and heartbreak. No more. I developed this framework that serves as an entry point. Not an end all be all. Adapt this for you....

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