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Time (Is):

Time (Is) was created as a benefit for The Institute for Anti-Racist Education. All proceeds will go to The Institute and contribute to furthering our work and message of promoting Anti-Racist practices in education and arts education.

Josh A. Campbell and Alison Savino present Time (Is) in association with The Institute of Anti-Racist Education along with support from Columbia University, School of the Arts.

Time (Is) is a multimedia project that blends original poetry, documentary filmmaking, movement, and music to explore the current realities of persons of color living in the age of social unrest and quarantine. Inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade, this multi-disciplined project re-centers the stories of persons of colors dealing with disabilities and women's rights to the forefront of Black Lives Matters, while inviting the viewer to reflect on who we remember, what we remember, and how we remember the persons, places, and rituals, that shape our everyday lives. The project is an invitation for everyone to engage in the process of dialogue, collective artmaking, community building, and reimagining what an anti-racist world looks like; and the possibilities realities we can create when we learn to breathe.


How Your Donation Supports Our Work

Why The Institute of Anti-Racist Education?

(Josh) - As a freelance teaching artist, my practice involves building community and having students and participants use different modes of storytelling to explore who they are and where they come from. Oftentimes, students have expressed joy in writing and performing work reflective of who they are and where they come from. Partnering with the Institute for Anti-Racism feels like a perfect fit. Their dedication to working with teachers, administrators, and districts across the nation to decolonize curriculum, championing arts as a vehicle of expression and liberation, and their commitment to providing anyone wanting to explore this work with resources is reflective of my experience both as an artist and administrator, especially during a time when students are demanding to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. 

Production Team and Artists

Produced and Conceived by Josh A. Campbell and Alison Savino, Featuring poetry written by Josh A. Campbell (Time Is, When you tend to spirit, you water your spiritual garden and Come Sunday). Remembrance written and performed by Azure (Hip Hop Artist) and Katherine George (Spoken Word). Choreography and movement performance by Stormy Weather, Editing and Mixing by Jakub Poniatowski, Music Composed by Dylan DeFeo, Head of Video and Photography Nicole Agosto along with Performers and Collaborators Agata Poniatowski, An Le, Ayla Xuan Chi Sullivan, Christian Nanas, Freddy Amill, Gerard Quinn, Jasmine N. Skinner, Jordan Fleming, Joshua C. Thomas, Natalie Demi, Owl, Precious Coleman, Samantha Bednarski, Tenneh Sillah and Trí Lê.  

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jouska Playworks, Fred Ginyard, Black Disabled Lives Matter and Protect Black Women and Girls organizations. Footage from End Misogynoir and Black Disabled Lives Matter Marches in NYC 



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Accessible to All

In an effort to ensure that this critical work is accessible to all, we offer sliding scale pricing. We do not require that you prove financial hardship, but we do ask that you select the option that most honestly reflects your spending capabilities.

You will receive an email detailing how to access the full video after registration.