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You've taken our courses, receive our resources, participated in our accountability & healing spaces for white persons, and now you want more. We are providing our own private networking and community for white educators looking to grow in their anti-racist journies with a community of educators from across the country!

In community we will move from understanding care as a  passive act and explore what it means to care for ourselves and others as active accountability in solidarity with others. 

Our multi-leveled membership program welcomes anyone looking to deepen their practice. Membership includes access to our community network, monthly accountability emails, events, and so much more!


You will be connected with anti-racist educators from across the country who will unlearn, grow, and love with you.


 Learn what accountability means in practice and collectively take steps toward deeper awareness and ways to effectively be in solidarity with communities.


Receive monthly emails with reflections to grow in your personal, professional, and communal practice.


Every person within our community will have access to multiple resources curated for your growth & development as you engage your practice.



Open Enrollment

  • Monthly accountability reflections
  • Journal questions to deepen your practice
  • Actions steps to continuously engage your practice 
  • Resources



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  • Access to private community portal, network dashboard, & more
  • Monthly emails & reflection questions to deepen your practice
  • Admittance to private monthly events, panels, discussions, etc. 
  • Action steps to continuously engage your practice 
  • Resources 

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Top Features - Limited Enrollment

  • Monthly 30-minute Private Sessions
  • Access to private community portal, network dashboard, & more 
  • Monthly emails & reflection questions to deepen your practice 
  • Admittance to private events, panels, discussions, etc. 
  • Action steps to continuously engage your practice 
  • Resources 

Meet Our Amazing Facilitators!

Emily Schorr Lesnick (she/her/esl) and Mary Padden (she/her) are collaborators and friends living on Duwamish land in Seattle, WA. As white people, they work towards sustainable anti-racist action rooted in reflection, accountability, and in collaboration and deep solidarity with communities of color. Together, they enjoy discussing education and liberation over ice cream.

Emily is an educator, facilitator, and theatre maker with 10+ years experience working alongside young people, educators, and families to imagine and implement liberatory systems and practices. She is a member of GLSEN's Educator Advisory Committee and a co-creator of How We GLOW, a piece of interview theater exploring lgbtq+ youth identity that has been performed across the country and world. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, The Huffington Post, The Mary Sue, The New York Times, and more. 

Mary is a doctoral student in education policy. A former special education teacher, her research focuses on how authentic, equitable collaborations between schools and families can advance racial justice and community well-being. As a White woman, she is committed to the lifelong work of learning and unlearning that is necessary to partner with communities to advocate for justice in education and beyond.

The CARE  Network 


Joining this community is an opportunity to build and sustain a practice of anti-racism. In community, we learn, unlearn, grow, and hold ourselves accountable.

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Our Accountability Network is TRANSFORMATIVE, but don't just take our word for it...

“I am a white queer trans educator, parent to four kids, and partner to an educator. We live and work in communities that have been impacted directly by several significant incidences of racist police violence in the past several years. The messages you have offered have been a path to both ground me, engage me, and keep me sustained as I journey and grow. It’s been grounding to hear perspectives coming from another part of the country, another city seeking to deliberately and systemically make changes that are anti-racist in ways that, though different, feel connected to those moving forward in Minneapolis and St. Paul. My learning and acting are not linear. I can turn myself into knots wondering if my actions reflect, add to, or work against white supremacy. I don’t know where I’d be without the warrior aspect of anti-racist effort and the healing, community orientation of restorative/ transformative justice frames. I found myself empty and hollow without a balance between critically tearing parts of or whole systems down and building brighter, hopeful new possibilities.  Am I right? That question is part of what I have been seeking to release. It’s my Whiteness that seeks that stamp of “rightness” as though there were such simplified boundaries like right and wrong. What takes the place of that?  Perhaps,  Am I well? Am I in community that is truthful, accountable, healthy, and whole? What might my ancestors have offered to guide me with their wisdoms planted in my quiet intuitions? What might those I am an ancestor to me be calling hopefully from me? I keep returning to Martin Luther King Jr.’s guidance to have deep faith that the moral arc of the universe will bend towards justice. It’s not a pass to sit idly by, but a message to keep moving in community and hope.I am grateful to you, esl and Mary, for being part of my community and journey.”