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Anti-Racist Education

Centering education as a catalyst for social transformation.

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Centering education as a catalyst for social transformation.

The Institute for Anti-Racist Education is committed to ensuring that every student receives an education that is truthful, free from bias, liberating, and offered in a supportive, loving setting.

Systemic Change

Schools. Corporations. Nonprofits.

Create long-term, sustainable change in any sector by addressing racism and oppression in every facet of your work.

Individual Learning

Educators. Parents. Activists.

Access our wide-range of professional development resources including panels, reading guides, workshops, and mini-lessons.

Community Transformation

Youth. Community Members.

Learn more about our wrap-around supports that lead to individual growth and community transformation.

Attend an Event 

Connect with other educators committed to building and sustaining anti-racist classrooms and schools by attending one of our events (live or online).

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To ensure that this work is accessible to all, The Institute for Anti-Racist Education has compiled a list of free, introductory resources that are available for immediate download.

Begin Learning

Develop your anti-racist practice today! 

This introductory primer is for any individual, equity team, organization, etc., looking to begin their anti-racist work. It is designed to inspire and encourage further learning and unlearning. 

You can expect:

  • Mixed modes of engaging 
  • Opportunities for reflection
  • References to a wide range of knowledge
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Join our CARE Network!

Anti-racist work was not meant to be done alone! If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or uninspired, join our network of accountability partners committed to creating the world all students deserve.

You can expect:

  • Access to a COMMUNITY of folx interested in supporting this work
  • Continuous ACCOUNTABILITY to help you do the work
  • Plenty of inspiration and moments of REFLECTION
  • Opportunities for authentic ENGAGEMENT
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