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Language 101

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The Language 101 Mini-Course is an introductory course that uses a self-reflexive model to review terms that all persons who are engaging in anti-racist work should know, provide their methodology for deconstructing language that has been historically used to marginalize students, and review practical examples of how language can be used to shift perspectives.


What You Will Learn:

Lesson 1: Getting Started on the Same Page 

  • Lesson 1 reviews 10 terms that everyone should have a baseline understanding of when engaging anti-racist work. 

Lesson 2: The Language of Whiteness 

  • Lesson 2 provides an overview of how whiteness is communicated as the standard by which to compare and the effects of communicating whiteness as “correctness.” 

Lesson 3: The Assimilation to Whiteness 

  • Lesson 3 contextualizes how educational institutions force students to assimilate to whiteness. 

Lesson 4: Deconstructing Language 

  • Lesson 4 explicates ways language shifts our perspectives and ways that anti-racist practitioners should seek to deconstruct language that has historically marginalized students. 

Lesson 5: A Practical Application 

  • Lesson 5 provides uses the term “slavery” as an example of how deconstructing language can shift our understanding and world views. At the conclusion of this lesson learners are challenged to apply this learning in their own practice by creating a lesson plan.  

Bibliography and Resources: 

  • All of the readings utilized to develop this mini-lesson is provided with other helpful resources. 
Language 101

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