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Shifting Narratives Toward Healing:

Disrupting Trauma Exploitation in the Admissions Essay Writing Process 

Centered around our unique methodology for storytelling that focuses on healing and wholeness, Shifting Narratives Toward Healing Disrupting Trauma Exploitation in the Admissions Essay Writing Process prepares you to disrupt the admissions essay writing process that historically has exploited the traumas of students from marginalized communities.

During this two-hour course, originally recorded on August 26, 2020, participants gain a deeper understanding of trauma and reflect on the ways that student trauma is exploited in the admissions process. Participants leave prepared to guide students through a restorative writing process that transitions from a deficit lens towards one that is healing and empowering. 


Explore What Is

Learn more about trauma and how it is exploited during the admissions essay writing process.

Learn a Better Way

Our course introduces you to our unique model, shifting from a deficit lens to a healing one.

Apply it Today

Leave with a roadmap for how to apply this model directly to your own work with students.

What You'll Learn

Lesson 1: Disrupting the “Single Story” 
  • Learners will be led through a self-reflective process to examine their personal stories closely, the histories of those stories, and analyze how their stories have been formed into a “single story.” 
Lesson 2: Trauma 101
  • Learners will be given a short introduction to trauma and how it manifests itself. 
Lesson 3:  Ways Trauma and Stories are Exploited in the Admissions Process 
  • Learners will explore the ways that students are asked to exploit their trauma during the admission process and the implications of this model. 
Lesson 4: Transitioning from a Deficit Lens Toward a Healing Lens 
  • Definitions of what the facilitator means by “deficit lens” and “healing lens” will be provided as a foundation for this lesson. 
  • Learners will explore how transitioning from a deficit lens toward a healing lens can empower students during the storytelling process. 
Lesson 5: How to Guide Your Students Through a Restorative Writing Process 
  • Facilitators will model a step-by-step process for guiding students through a restorative writing process.



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