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LGBTQIA+ advocacy is anti-racist work. This June, The Institute for Anti-Racist Education was thrilled to host the panel discussion “Creating Loving & Affirming Schools for LGBTQIA+ Students.” We know that ongoing anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation and restrictive curriculum policies threaten the safety of LGBTQIA+ students and drastically limit their learning experience, as well as those of their classmates. In celebration of Pride Month, this panel focused on the importance of going beyond inclusion to affirmation with LGBTQIA+ school-based supports. The panel featured classroom educators and policy advocates who shared their visions for truly loving and affirming schools and explored the steps and strategies needed to create them into being. 

Interested in watching this pre-recorded panel discussion and learning more about how to create loving and affirming schools for LGBGTQIA+ students? Sign up below! 

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