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White Anti-Racist Accountability

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The White Anti-Racist Accountability Mini-Course is for white people with a baseline understanding of race, racism, and anti-racism, and a desire to move from passive learning to active accountability. Key to this process is reflection, which is the root of this course. 


What You Will Learn:

Lesson 1: I'm An Anti-Racist. Now What?

  • Lesson 1 facilitates reflection on our own personal journey to understanding our whiteness and our stake in dismantling white supremacy.

Lesson 2: Resisting White Saviorship; Saving Ourselves to Heal Us All 

  • Lesson 2 reframes antiracism work for white people from "helping" Black and Brown People to understanding this work as co-liberation. 

Lesson 3: What Are You Willing to Give Up for Equity to Be on the Table? Following the Lead of Black and Brown People While Working in Our Spheres of Influence 

  • Lesson 3 breaks down the importance of coalition-building with Black and Brown leaders while being responsible for "getting our cousins." 

Lesson 4: Embodying the Intellectual: Let's Not Over-analyze! 

  • Lesson 4 shifts anti-racist from the head to the heart.  

Lesson 5: Intentions, Plans, and Accountability

  • Lesson 5 offers space for action and accountability, making sure this conversation grows.  

Bibliography and Resources: 

  • Participants will receive a mix of texts and resources recommended for future work. 
White Anti-Racist Accountability Mini-Course

$97.00 USD

About the Instructor:

Emily Schorr Lesnick (she/her) is a white facilitator and theater maker in Seattle, WA (Duwamish land). She has worked in independent schools as a teacher, student advocate, and administrator, for over 10 years. Emily's training is in educational theater and cultural studies. She is a member of GLSEN's Educator Advisory Committee and a co-creator of How We GLOW, a piece of interview theater exploring lgbtq+ youth identity that has been performed across the country and world. Emily’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, NBC News, Parent Map Magazine, ArtsPraxis Magazine, The Huffington Post, and NAIS Magazine and Blog. With Mary Padden, she co-curates an anti-racist accountability email protocol with hundreds of recipients, moving from optical allyship to ongoing co-liberation. She also offers courses on Anti-Racist SEL and White Anti-Racist Accountability through The Institute for Anti-Racist Education.