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About Us

The Institute for Anti-Racist Education is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that every student receives an education that is truthful, free from bias, liberating, and offered in a supportive, loving setting. Started by former teachers, the organization drives systemic change using Four Domains of Change: assess where you are, delve deeper into the data, conduct a full curriculum audit, and empower staff to create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment. In addition to the Four Domains, the organization also facilitates educator workshops and individualized coaching sessions for education professionals at all levels.

Hiring Process

We seek to recruit and retain a diverse team through an application and interview process that centers the candidate experience. Rooted in equity, candidates experience a multi-step interview process that leverages consistency and standardization. This gives all candidates the opportunity to highlight prior experiences and learnings that may be a value-add to our team. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply to open positions.

Open Positions 

  • There are no open positions at this time!

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