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School-Level Offerings

We currently offer two packages to meet the long-term needs of New Jersey school districts.

Becoming an Anti-Racist School

Sliding Scale Pricing Based on Size & Need

This one-year program provides your school with:

  • 10 hours of focus groups with stakeholders including students, teachers, faculty, board members and parents
  • Full school community survey with analysis
  • Full school curriculum review by content area experts
  • School-specific recommendations including a comprehensive decolonized curriculum proposal
  • Full professional development workshop series
  • 100 hours of ongoing teacher support (online or in-person) 
  • 1 year subscription for every staff member to our exclusive Anti-Racist Education Mailing List with up-to-date resources sent out monthly (value: $10/month/account)

School Partnership Development Package

Sliding Scale Pricing Based on Size & Need

This one-year program provides your district with:

  • Community needs assessment
  • School-specific recommendations outlining strategic partnerships to pursue and action steps
  • 20 hours of partnership development coaching for 1-3 staff members
  • 10 hours of ongoing support (online or in-person)

Decolonizing Your Classroom 3-Part Workshop Series

Sliding Scale Pricing Based on Size & Need

This three-part workshop series challenges educators to decolonize their classrooms and become anti-racist educators through reflection, analysis and application. Educators will leave with a set of SMART goals to help them immediately begin this critical work.

  • The Stories that We Hold
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Staying the Course

Private School Customized Offerings

We recognize that private schools face a unique set of challenges when conducting anti-racist work. Therefore, our packages can be customized to also include trainings for Board of Trustee Members, a comprehensive analysis of tuition inequities and scholarship opportunities, a review of the staff handbook, and a teacher evaluation proposal which incorporates the anti-racist educator continuum. 

Additionally, to address guidance counseling practices that lead to the college achievement gap, our partnership package can also include partnership development work specifically with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 


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