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Create Systemic Change

Customize a package that meets the unique needs of your school or district. All plans are offered on a sliding scale.

Assess Where You Are

Before diving into this work, it is critical that you gain a comprehensive understanding of where you are. We currently partner with schools and districts to complete this in two ways: 

  • Community Needs Assessment Survey 
    • Deploy our comprehensive, research-based Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging survey to your community
    • Customization is available
  • Key Stakeholders Focus Groups 
    • Gain a more complete understanding of the experiences of your students, teachers, parents, and community members during two-hour focus group sessions

Delve Deeper into the Data

Allow us to uncover the story your data is telling. Share all the data that you have collected during the past 3-5 years in the following areas as part of our audit process:

  • Student Discipline 
  • Graduation & Matriculation 
  • Human Resources
  • Climate & Culture
  • Partnerships

Curriculum Audit

Our team of content area experts is prepared to complete a full curriculum audit, identifying any gaps in the curriculum, sharing resources for teachers, and incorporating our basic framework which challenges educators to teach students in more complex, accurate ways.

Unlike other programs which only focus on English and History curriculum, our Curriculum Audit looks for opportunities to decolonize your curriculum in every subject, afterschool learning opportunities, and during assemblies. 

Empower Your Staff

As former educators ourselves, we know that teachers are a driving force in creating more equitable and inclusive schools. Empower your staff to create an anti-racist school through:

  • Professional Development 
    • Our signature three-part series helps educators begin this work by examining their own stories, learning how to complicate the narrative, and gaining practical tools and resources. 
    • Customized professional developments are also available based on identified areas of need.
    • Access our online database of pre-recorded differentiated professional development workshops.
  • Facilitating Difficult Conversations
    • Has your school or district experienced a specific racist event or situation? Is there a specific topic that needs to be addressed with your staff? Our team is prepared to facilitate these conversations in an informed, productive way.
  • Healing Circles
    • Are you looking to help your staff heal and receive some self-care? 
    • Circles are available to all staff or can be offered to a specific group.
  • Private & Semi-Private Coaching
    • Meet with us regularly to develop individualized goals, receive customized resources, and create actionable change in your community!
    • Available for administrators, school leaders, or directly for educators.  

Ongoing Support

We have all seen new initiatives be introduced at the beginning of the school year, just to fall off the radar by October. Prevent this by offering your staff and educators ongoing support. 

Our team will be available each month for your teachers and staff to discuss challenges, process interactions, receive new resources, and so much more!


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