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Creating Loving Schools for Black Students: A Panel Discussion

A Pre-Recorded Panel Discussion


Recorded February 15th, 2024


In celebration of Black Futures Month, The Institute for Anti-Racist Education hosted a panel discussion on the ways Black students have been subjected to inhumane treatment within the educational survival complex. This panel  explored love as a liberative framework for social transformation in schools. The panel  featured practitioners, scholars, abolitionists, and organizers who provided transformative approaches for disrupting carceral practices in schools and ways to create learning environments that support the thriving of Black students. 

It is more than a panel! 

Our panelists sparked the flames our imaginations and energized us to take action. 

Considering the state of our nation and world, this panel discussion was even more critical. This year, we discussed how schools can be transformed to support the thriving of ALL Black students. If you have attended any of our previous panels, then you know this was a healing space, a communal space, a transformative space, and a loving space. 

We believe that this content is critical for all education practitioners, so it is available for free. 

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 If you missed our panel discussion, click down below to access the recording!

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