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How do we keep a school safe without cops?

abolition Feb 02, 2022

Last year our CEO, Ashley Lipscomb, sat down with Performing Statistics to discuss how we keep a school safe without cops. She leans into a brief history of policing in education, various forms of policing students, why cops don't belong in an anti-racist school, and what a safe and secure schooling environment looks like.

You can access the full video here. 

The series is a companion to the #NoKidsinPrison digital experience. To view the digital experience, visit nokidsinprison.org/experience.

More information about Performing Statistics can be found at performingstatistics.org.

All are encouraged to register for the Redefining Safety for Black Students in Schools Panel, on February 7th, to expand their definition of safety. There is more than one way to define safety for Black students in schools. This panel will feature the work of abolitionists, authors, scholars, educators, and activists. Each of the panelists will challenge a single story of safety, centering the experiences of Black students. Together we will discuss and freedom dream ways Black students can thrive in their full humanity in schools.



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