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For Educators

Attend the Creating Loving Schools for LGBTQIA+ Students Panel!

 This June, The Institute for Anti-Racist Education is thrilled to host the panel discussion “Creating Loving & Affirming Schools for LGBTQIA+ Students.” In celebration of Pride Month, this panel will focus on the importance of going beyond inclusion to affirmation with LGBTQIA+ school-based supports. The panel will feature classroom educators and policy advocates who will share their visions for truly loving and affirming schools and explore the steps and strategies needed to create them into being. 

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Join The Accountability Network!

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or uninspired, join our network of accountability partners committed to creating the world all students deserve.

You can expect:

  • Access to a COMMUNITY of folx interested in supporting this work
  • Continuous ACCOUNTABILITY to help you do the work
  • Plenty of inspiration and moments of REFLECTION
  • Opportunities for authentic ENGAGEMENT

Anti-Racist Classroom Resources

Instead of hoping that the lessons that you just bought off that teacher site align with your values, purchase one of our vetted resources.

Parable of the Sower Unit

This Unit Plan aims to bolster the work that you are already doing in the classroom, enabling you to teach Parable of the Sower from an anti-racist lens. It incorporates Afro-futurism and lenses of disability justice and intersectionality.

The Unit includes:

  • Sample calendar with a reading plan and discussion questions
  • Introductory slideshow
  • Engaging activities and writing prompts
  • Additional resources 
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Anti-Racist SEL Guide

When taught without an anti-racist lens, SEL can easily become what Dr. Dena Simmons calls "white supremacy with a hug."

Support students with our anti-racist:

- Scope and sequence

- 3 Customizable mini-lessons

- Additional resources

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Anti-Racist SEL 2.0

Building off the work of our original Anti-Racist SEL Guide, our 2.0 version deepens student learning.

This package includes:

- A Live Working Session with creator one of our staff members

- 6 NEW fully customizable lessons

- A pre-recorded workshop to get you started

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Online Courses

Join one of our online courses and learn at your own pace.

White Anti-Racist Accountability

Our reflective course to help white folks become actively anti-racist.


Exploring Issues of Justice Through Theatre

This powerful mini-course explores and utilizes theatre practices and techniques to facilitate embodied, liberatory learning in any classroom.


Decolonizing Gender

Our transformative course for elementary teachers to better understand how gender-based stereotypes show up in their classrooms.


Shifting Narratives Toward Healing

Our unique methodology for empowered writing that avoids trauma exploitation.


Individual Coaching

Are you facing a particular challenge? Do you have a specific area of learning that you'd like to address?

Individual coaching offers a safe space to process, unlearn, and transform your teaching practice.

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Hear from a group of experts, activists, educators, and artists.


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