Not Your Algorithm's Winter Gifting Guide: 6 Ways to Disrupt the Capitalist-Fueled Holiday Buying Frenzy

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

We’ve all done it. Opened a gift we didn’t really want. Enthusiastically said, “Thank you” and then held onto it for the amount of time we deem necessary to assuage our guilt about throwing it out.

Ya’ll! This process is exhausting.

Not only does it require the mental energy of keeping track of--or even moving to a new apartment with--these items that we do not want or need. But, it also involves time and energy to try to find these things a new home or figure out the right way to dispose of them (but for real, what am I supposed to do with batteries?!).

Even when we donate these things or pass them through our local “Buy Nothing” groups, we know that ultimately, these unloved items will end up in a landfill, seeping toxins into the earth, contributing to the end of life as we know it (not being dramatic, this is science)!

To help avoid this capitalist-fueled cycle of waste, our team sat down and pulled together some of our favorite ideas for gifting!

Click here to check out the guide!


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