The Institute for Anti-Racist Education Receives Funding to Improve Literacy and Equity in Schools through The Create Freedom Learning Model

Uncategorized May 12, 2023

Today, The Institute for Anti-Racist Education announced it joined a national cohort of organizations receiving funding and support from NewSchools Venture Fund to create or expand on innovative ways to make literacy instruction more effective for historically underserved student groups. 


The investment from NewSchools will help The Institute for Anti-Racist Education create a K-12 school model for the Create Freedom Learning Model, a cross-disciplinary instructional design tool that teaches students to think critically about the most pressing problems their communities, country, and world are facing. 


“This funding gives us the unique opportunity to partner with schools to create more loving, holistic, and liberatory learning solutions for every student that this model will encounter,” shares co-founder and CEO Ashley Y. Lipscomb. “NewSchools gives us an opportunity to pull together a collective of educators, scholars, and activists to create learning experiences that we have been imagining, but we just  needed the support to put into action. We are releasing our imagination into the world!”


Lipscomb and Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Hilary Tackie, PhD, recently attended the NewSchools convening in New Orleans, LA. They shared the Create Freedom Learning Model, working to enrich curriculum and instruction through pedagogy, abolitionist SEL, professional development, and community assessment.


NewSchools funds team of innovators with bold ideas to reimagine learning, including innovative learning solutions to ensure that existing schools and school systems can access content and tools that students need to build a strong foundation in literacy and whole school models that bring together different elements of schooling to create a more seamless and cohesive experience for students and educators.


In addition to the funding, NewSchools will provide management assistance, including offering access to experts and a peer community of organizations developing literacy solutions. 


The Institute’s focus on New Jersey is both a desire to stay rooted in the home communities of their founders, as well as in response to the reported continued segregation in the state. This model works to meet statewide curriculum requirements. 



About The Institute for Anti-Racist Education

The Institute for Anti-Racist Education is a 501(c)(3) focused on transforming youth educational experiences through Abolitionist Social Emotional Learning practices. Co-Founded by Ashley Lipscomb (CEO) & Brittany Spatz (COO) July 2, 2020, The Institute operates in community with schools, districts, organizations, and corporations in order to disrupt carceral policies that disproportionately affect the thriving of Black & Indigenous children, queer students, children with disabilities, children of the global majority, immigrant youth, and communities impacted by poverty. Together, we are working toward fostering more loving and inclusive schools that freedom dream new possibilities, and create the world every student deserves.  

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About NewSchools  

NewSchools Venture Fund is a national nonprofit that supports and invests in promising teams of educators and innovators who want to reimagine learning. NewSchools helps teams accomplish their missions to achieve outstanding results for the schools, students and educators they serve. NewSchools is committed to helping students graduate high school prepared and inspired to achieve their most ambitious dreams and plans.Through its investing, management assistance, network building, and thought leadership, NewSchools helps to reimagine PreK-12 education.


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